AAA 015
EPs 1-4
Released: 01.05.1992
Music by Atomâ„¢ and Pete Namlook.
Produced, programmed, recorded, edited and mixed by Atomâ„¢ and Pete Namlook at Pete's Studio, Frankfurt/M., 1992 and 1993.
Equipment: a lot.
Recorded directly onto Digital Audio Tape.

EP 1

A1 Invocation (Dance 4 Trance Mix)
A2 Invocation (House Floor Mix)

EP 2

A1 Healthy
B1 Beautiful
B2 Healthy and Beautiful

EP 3

A1 Walking in My Dreams
B1 Walking
B2 Dreamwalk

EP 4

A1 DNS Recombination
B1 DNS Modification
B2 Recombination

"Subsequence EPs 1-4" all configurations and releases:

"Subsequence 1" - 12" (FAX/1992)
"Subsequence 2" - 12" (FAX/1992)
"Subsequence 3" - 12" (FAX/1993)
"Subsequence 4" - 12" (FAX/1993)

Audio not available.
tags: ambient, techno
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