AAA 074
DSP Holiday
Released: 21.06.1998
Music by Haruomi Hosono, Atom™ and Tetsu Inoue.
Programmed, played, recorded, edited and mixed by Haruomo Hosono, Tetsu Inoue and Atom™ at "Mira, Música!", Santiago de Chile 1998.
Ukulele on "Malihini Mele" by Michiko Yamamoto.
Mastered by Haruomi Hosono and Satoshi Ogawa.
Recorded onto digital 8 track and Digital Audio Tape.

Audio not available for re-release.

1. Arizona Analyzer
2. Shinjyuku Photoshop
3. Plug-in Mambo
4. Granular Sunset
5. Digidelic
6. Uptown Pulldown
7. Malihini Mele

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"DSP Holiday" - CD (Daisyworld Discs/1998)
tags: electronic, glitch, pop
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