Atom™ Alpha txt (discontinued)

"Alpha txt" is an "audio only" live set. Musically classifiable as "ambient" (for the lack of a better word) and was conceived and built as a result of the invitation of Richie Hawtin's "ENTER" club (Ibiza) where the set was premiered on the 16th of August 2012. Next to entirely new pieces which will be created live and in realtime, "Alpha txt" does as well incorporate excerpts of Atom™ classics such as "Orange", "Dots", "1i3835tra3ume", "Cold Memories", "B2", "Datacide", "Masters of Psychedelic Ambiance", "Schnittstelle", "Winterreise" amongst others. Atom™ opened the 2012 "Labyrinth" festival with his second Alpha txt performance and the CTM.13 festival in Berlin (January 2013).
Live Performances