AAA 115
Surtek Collective:
The Birth of Aciton (+ Surtek Soundsystem)
Released: 11.04.2007
Music and words by Atom™ and Vicente Sanfuentes, except 01 & 15 (Funky-C, Atom™, V. Sanfuentes), 02 & 05 (Peter Rap, Atom™, V. Sanfuentes), 04 (Jorge González, Atom™), 08, 11 & 14 (Atom™), 09 (Boomer, Atom™, V. Sanfuentes), 10 (Jerry Lordan, V. Sanfuentes), 16 (Atom™, Taka Umeno, Diva Gray, Hibikilla), 17 (Jorge González, Funky-C, Atom™, V. Sanfuentes, Hiroito)
Guest musicians: Jorge González, Funky-C, Peter Rap, Boomer, Taka Umeno, Diva Gray, Hibikilla Afra and Kei (Incredible Beatbox Band)
Recorded by Atom™ at "Mira, Música!" and Vicente Sanfuentes at "Little Vatican", Santiago de Chile, 2007.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Atom™ at "Mira, Música!", Santiago de Chile, 2007.
Recorded directly onto hard disc.

01. Surtek Collective (Prologue)
02. El Tebeo
03. El Pum Y El Pam
04. Está Hervida
05. La Vecina
06. El Cumbiatón
07. Surtek Collective
08. El Intelitón
09. Raggabuffer Override
10. Apache
11. Sex-O-Tronik
12. Goza El Acitón
13. San Juan Atkins
14. Track-a-t
15. Surtek Collective (Epilogue)
16. El Cumbiatón (Bonus Track)
17. La Vieja Julia (Bonus Track)

"Surtek Collective/The Birth of Aciton", all configurations and releases:

"Surtek Collective/The Birth of Aciton" - CD (Third Ear Japan/2007)
"Surtek Collective/Surtek Soundsystem" - Digital (Third Ear Japan/2007)

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