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Nuclear Jazz
Released: 30.03.2007
Programming and arrangement: Atom™ & Burnt Friedman.
Recorded and mixed by Atom™ & Burnt Friedman at "Mira, Música!", Santiago de Chile and Nonplace, Cologne, 1997-1999.
Drums, percussion, sampler, Cubase Atari drum programming by Burnt Friedman.
Electric piano, bass, vibraphone, guitar, Akai MPC3000 programmed by Atom™.
Edited for the Nonplace re-release by Burnt Friedman.
Mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin.
Recorded directly onto hard disc.
Titles 1-17 published by Freibank.
Bonus track remixed by Flanger 2001, published by Right Tempo SNC, Milano.
Nuclear Jazz is a two-in-one, edited and mastered reissue of Flanger's albums "Templates", originally released on Ntone in 1997 and "Midnight Sound", originally released on NTone in 2000.

1. Intro
2. Music to Begin With 1
3. Music to Begin With 2
4. Endless Summer
5. Options in the Fire
6. Short Note With a Few
7. Studio Tan
8. Full on Scientist
9. Lata
10. Nightbeat 1
11. Bosco's Disposable Driver
12. Midnight Sound
13. We Move
14. Human Race Race
15. Angel of Love
16. Nightbeat 2
17. Stepping out of My Dream
18. Tangram (Golf Club Mix)

"Flanger/Nuclear Jazz", all configurations and releases:

"Flanger/Nuclear Jazz" - CD (Nonplace/2007)

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tags: electronic, glitch, jazz
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