AAA 032
Released: 16.05.1994
All tracks written by Atom Heart & Victor Sol,
except for track 4 co-composed with Niko Heyduck.
Produced, programmed, recorded, edited and mixed at SEL I/S/C, Frankfurt/M. during summer 1993. Final mix and editing spring 1994.
This record is dedicated to Derek Jarman and Sid Vicious.
Instruments: Akai S950, S3200, ASQ10, VX600, VX90, EMS Polysynthi, 256 Sequencer, ARP2600, Avatar, 1613 Sequencer, Powertran ETI Vocoder, Korg PS3100, SQ10 Sequencer, Roland SH101, TR808, TB303, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Moog Prodigy.
Effect units: Lexicon LXP5 [x2], Roland DEP5, Ken multi digital delay, Yamaha SPX90.
Recorded directly onto Digital Audio Tape.

01. Sky
02. Sky (Liquid)
03. Sky (Cluster)
04. Onda Corta
05. 256
06. Tone Float
07. Rain Rain
08. Reset

"+n/plane" all configurations and releases:

"+n/plane" - CD (Fax Records/1994)

Audio not available.
tags: electronic
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