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Inner Space/Outer Space
Released: 05.11.2001
Programming and arrangement: Atom™ & Burnt Friedman.
Recorded, mixed and edited by Atom™ at "Mira, Música!", Santiago de Chile and Burnt Friedman at Elfenbeinturn Ehrenfeld, Cologne, 2001.
Additional recordings at Biobas Soundlab (Copenhagen), The Sonnymoon Resort (Copenhagen) and Frankie's Cave.
Electric Bass: Toly Ramirez
Electric Upright Bass: August Engkilde
Electric Guitar: Joseph Suchy
Guitar: Jorge Gonzalez
Percussion: Claudio Ortuzar, Ernesto Artunez
Additional Percussion: Argenis Brito
Saxophone: Thomas Hass
Vibraphone: Carsten Skov
Recorded directly onto hard disc.
Premastering by Burnt Friedman. Mastering by Raschad Becker at D&M
Published by Freibank Musikverlag.

1. Outer Space/Inner Space
2. Bosco's Disposable Driver (Atom™'s Selfremix)
3. Inner Spacesuit (Extended Large Suit)

1. Outer Space/Inner Space
2. Galak
3. The Men who Fell From Earth
4. Inner Spacesuit
5. Le Dernier Combat
6. Unosietecero
7. It ain't Rocket Science
8. Hirnflug

"Flanger/Inner Space/Outer Space", all configurations and releases:

"Flanger/Inner Spacesuit" - 12" Vinyl (Ninja Tune/2001)
"Flanger/Inner Space/Outer Space" - CD/2 x 12" Vinyl (Ninja Tune/2001)

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tags: glitch, jazz
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