NN: Please give me a short introduction to who you are and what you do.

Mikrosopht: Mikrosopht, multidisciplinary conceptual creative, frequent collaborator.

NN: When exactly did you make "Hookface-1981"?

Mikrosopht: 2003. I collected & selected the loops, then September to November assembled the tracks.

NN: What was the inspiration and idea behind it?

Mikrosopht: Deprogramming. Growing up in small town America means not much diversity on the radio; People around you habitually play the same mainstream pop. I thought that by editing some of those familiar elements into something new I could possibly solve the ear worm problem, break the spell that those particular songs usually perpetuate. And it does work for me, it may also work for listeners.

NN: What was the technology and process you used?

Mikrosopht: For this I used Cool Edit Pro, a wave editor & multitrack editor (still use it). I went through the 100 individual source songs to find my favoured loop to represent each song. Once I had a loop I wanted to start something with, I sought compatible second, third, & sometimes further possible layers of other song loops. After selecting a base loop & speed for a track, I would pitch shift subsequent loops usually lower to match time and diversify tones. My track structures on 1981 follow basic patterns of pop in abstract.

Audio available in 44.1 kHz/16 Bit.
Gapless album.

Audio assembled in Providence, Rhode Island.
Cover artwork by A. Bill Miller.

Free download on BANDCAMP