DJ Culture as a Function of Neoliberal Capitalism (Book)
"DJ Culture as a Function of Neoliberal Capitalism" is a book written by Natalie Menard and Keith Fisher in 2010. Originally published as Paper #64 as part of a series called "La Phénoménologie du Capital" (Department of Sociology in cooperation with the Institute of Economics and Management (IEMN-IBE), University of Nantes), fragments of the text made it into various online publications, before it was fully translated into English. NN decided to make it its first limited edition book release. The table of contents reads:

1 Introduction
2 Mix and Surplus
3 Inflation - Volume and Duration
4 Crossfade - Sync and Integration
5 Stimulants and Sedatives
6 Minimalism and Optimization
7 The Digital and Mass Production
8 Compatibility and Globalization
9 Genre, Style, Fashion - Hegemony and Control


Not just being a theoretical abstract, the authors make concrete references, both to DJs/Producers as to musical examples alike, elaborating the current role of creators and creations within the socio-economic framework of the 21st century.