Entry #10

Does Intelligence Belong in Music?

by AtomTM


The thing with “Intelligent Dance Music” is that somebody intelligent would never call a genre like that. In the same way a stupid person would never call itself “stupid”. It’s a contradiction in terms. An arrogant one for that matter.

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    16 Responses to “Entry #10 – Does Intelligence Belong in Music?”

    1. Mark

      “Dance” should perhaps become “chance” music. Then those seeking a surprise…won’t be surprised.
      “Glorious Chance Music” A new unspecific genre is needed.

    2. Paco

      Music is about music, not about intelligence.

      It would be like saying that intelligence belongs to painting when every animal can paint 😀

    3. Mark

      Heres hoping the Higher Intelligence Agency had their tongues firmly in their cheeks, or maybe watched alot of Sci-fi when they were young ?
      Lords of IDM doesn’t sit right with me. 🙂
      Perhaps..even thinking we are “intelligent” should not be allowed. It’s a rocky road (delusion).
      * “Intelligent Pants Music” ?

    4. Oortone

      The interpretation is in the eye (or ear e.t.c.) of the watcher (or listener e.t.c.). That goes for titles and genre names too. There are no forbidden adjectives in genre names. Interpreting something as being a contradiction is therefore not a problem. The conflict stated in the blog post is unimportant and subjective. But Fart is definitely an appropriate text for the logotype on the T-shirt. ;-D

    5. giovannirocky

      I found AtomTM’s exploration of the relationship between intelligence and music to be truly thought-provoking. Music has always been a deeply emotional and creative form of expression, but as AtomTM points out, there are elements of intelligence woven into its fabric.

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