Entry #22

FAD 3 - AtomTM: Low Altitude

Free Speech Series
by AtomTM


Initiating the “Free Speech” mini-series, we commence with a concise exploration into sound titled “Low Altitude”. This track, along with the subsequent releases in the series later this year, delves into the intricacies of intelligibility and legitimacy within the natural language form and content. It’s worth noting, however, that the preceding statement was entirely improvised while writing this text, and the recording could as well just have been a simple exercise in sound processing.

Created exclusively for the FAD AUDIO™ series, access to this release is available solely through subscription to the FAD/AAA newsletter. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases!


FAD 3: AtomTM – Low Altitude


01. Low Altitude    [01:26]


Programming: AtomTM

c+p FAD/AAA 2024


Subscribers will get access to the download link through the FAD Newsletter.

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