Entry #23

FAD 4 - AtomTM: Mitschnitt 1

by AtomTM


As the fourth release in the Future Archive Diary Audio™ series, AtomTM presents “Mitschnitt 1”. This recording provides a brief glimpse into the broader audio production process by extracting elements primarily employed in live performance settings. The components intricately woven into this track were either sourced directly from or thoughtfully integrated into arrangements specifically intended for future concert/club use.

Created exclusively for the FAD AUDIO™ series, access to this release is available solely through subscription to the FAD/AAA newsletter. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases!


FAD 4: AtomTM – Mitschnitt 1


01. Mitschnitt 1    [04:18]


Programming: AtomTM

c+p FAD/AAA 2024


Subscribers will get access to the download link through the FAD Newsletter.

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