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12023 proved to be a remarkable year. It was very intense yet clarifying at the same time - a ride I very much enjoyed! Many relationships intensified during that journey. Some became stronger, while others had to be let go. Nearly everything that unfolded along the way turned out to be surprising - like, really! Here, I'll highlight the particularly amazing moments:


I'm thrilled to have worked with OMD on two tracks from their latest album, "Bauhaus Staircase," which reached an impressive #2 on the UK album charts. I contributed to the production and programming of "Evolution of Species" and "Healing," both addressing timely and pertinent themes.The collaboration with OMD had begun around 2020, then fell into oblivion during the pandemic when it suddenly and to my big surprise, re-emerged in 2023.


The year kicked off with another challenging production for Föllakzoid. Having produced their previous albums, the task was clear but demanding. Pushing my studio computer to its limits during "V" resulted in weeks of minimal sleep and little CPU margin, yet the outcome can be heard here.


The stylistic rollercoaster persisted into the latter part of the year with the unveiling of "Radial." Collaborating with my colleagues and friends from Esplendor Geometrico, Arturo Lanz, and Saverio Evangelista, I had the pleasure of recording this transparent diamond, born from a profound implosion. Released under the ASA moniker, the album is now available here.


Summarizing 12023 and setting the tone for the year to come and beyond: Widerstand has been this year’s last release. This “digital only” 3 track EP just came out on raster-medien and serves as a poignant expression of resistance, both as an "electronic resistor" and a symbolic defiance against ideological indoctrination, repression, and blackmailing prevalent in today's collective West.

In the atomic 12024, themed "More Signal - Less Noise," exciting prospects await, including a series of new and exclusive releases—available both here on AAA and through the Future Archive Diary.

Atom™: Stations I

Building upon various structural exercises conducted in recent years, the “Stations” series takes a progressive leap. Delving into the phenomena of a sonic drift algorithm fueled by open-source audio networks and its consequent transmusical qualities, this inaugural station also recommends incorporating linguistic arguments that surpass the average capacity of the English language. This is complemented by other facets of meta-artistic experimentation.

Out on all digital music platforms as well as directly via NN

Atom™: Texturen VII

The AtomTM Audio Archive presents "Texturen VII", the seventh volume in the series. This release brings us closer to completing the set, with just two more albums to go. Despite the saying that seven is a lonely number, "Texturen VII" is sure to be a sonic marvel, closing out the year in a serene mood.

Out on all digital music platforms as well as directly via AAA

Atom™: Wavetable 08/23

Waves, a liquid tapestry
Unfurling, rolling, and crashing
Nature's art in motion

Number 8 in a series of 12.

Out on all digital music platforms as well as directly via Bandcamp

Atom™: Wavetable 05/23

Waves, rolling in strong
Nature's lullaby, all day long
Soothing ocean's song

Number 5 in a series of 12.

Out on all digital music platforms as well as directly via Bandcamp

Future Archive Diary - Entry #11

Historie und Hysterie (I)

Future Memories Through a Theoretical Looking-Glass

Historie und Hysterie (I) marks the 1st iteration in a text & audio series on Future Archive Diary, based on conversations between Atom™ and Patrick Raddatz. Touching history from a (critical) distance, we try to untangle the sometimes co(s)mical mesh of histories, or must we say, debunk some (of) His Stories?

Atom™: Wavetable 02/23

In endless motion
Waves roll and flow, ebb and flow
Eternal beauty

Number 2 in a series of 12.

Out on all digital music platforms as well as directly via Bandcamp

Atom™: Wavetable 01/23

Waves crash and break
On the sandy shoreline's edge
Nature's lullaby

Number 1 in a series of 12.

Out on all digital music platforms as well as directly via Bandcamp

Atom™: Soft Opening

Opening the new year with a brand new AtomTM album, out now on NN.
The album can be found on all digital music platforms or purchased directly via Bandcamp

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