Atom™ and Burnt Friedman started working together as Flanger in 1996. Their first 3 albums (Templates, Midnight Sound, Inner Space/Outer Space) were released through the UK based label Ninja Tune between 1997-2001. Their music can be described as complex programming, exploring the vocabulary of "Jazz" in all it's various forms. While the first 2 albums "Templates" and "Midnight Sound" appeared to be a witty, digital simulation of a Jazz combo playing "Fusion", the third and forth record contained contributions by guest musicians•, incorporated into the artificial surrounding of Flanger's hard disk arrangements. After playing isolated "duo" shows and a South American tour with Jaki Liebezeit on drums in 2002, the first extensive Flanger Band Tour took place across Europe in 2005, while their "Swing Jazz" driven release "Spirituals" came out on Friedman's label Nonplace. In 2007 the first two Flanger albums were reworked, remastered, combined into the "Nuclear Jazz" CD and released on Nonplace. After working with many Jazz musicians on stage and in the studio, blurring the boundaries between the played and sequenced, Flanger decided to continue with live and studio performances in 2010 as compact as possible, as a duo, solely using electronic equipment. A complete Flanger feature film soundtrack for the Hungarian Szabolcs Hajdu's film "Bibliotheque Pascal" was presented by the Berlinale Film Festival in January 2010 and won the Syracuse International Film Festival in 2012. The movie was released on DVD in Germany and Hungary in 2011.

•Guest Musicians:

on "Inner Space/Outer Space":
Claudio Ortuzar (Percussion)
Ernesto Artunez (Percussion)
Jorge Gonzalez (Guitar)
Toly Ramirez (Electric Bass)
Carsten Skov (Vibraphone)
Thomas Hass (Saxophone)
August Engkilde (Upright Bass)
Josef Suchy (Electric Guitar)

on "Spirituals":
Richard Pike (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)
Laurence Pike (Drums)
Hayden Chisholm (Clarinet, Saxophone)
Robert Nacken (Acoustic Guitar)
Thomas Hass (Saxophone)
Lars Vissing (Trumpet)
Mocke Depret (Electric Guitar)


- Templates (12" Album/CD, Ninja Tune, 1997)
- Midnight Sound (12" Album/CD, Ninja Tune, 1999)
- Inner Space/Outer Space (12" Album/CD, Ninja Tune, 2001)
- Spirituals (CD, Nonplace, 2004)
- Nuclear Jazz (CD, Nonplace, 2007)
- Bibliotheque Pascal (Digital/Soundtrack, Nonplace, 2010)