AAA 058
Tokyo-Frankfurt-New York
Released: 29.05.1996
Music by Haruomi Hosono, Atomô and Tetsu Inoue.
Programmed and recorded by Haruomo Hosono at Quiet Lodge, Tokyo and Tetsu Inoue and Atomô at SEL I/S/C, Frankfurt/M., 1995/1996.
Edited and mixed by Atomô and Tetsu Inoue at SEL I/S/C, Frankfurt/M., 1995/1996.
Recorded onto digital 8 track and Digital Audio Tape.

Audio not available for re-release.

1. Funk Coaster
2. Organic Mango
3. Sleep Run
4. 2 Gigabyte of Joujou
5. Kubrick
6. Quick Esc.

"Tokyo-Frankfurt-New York" all configurations and releases:

"Tokyo-Frankfurt-New York" - CD (Rather Interesting/1996)
"Tokyo-Frankfurt-New York" - CD (Daisyworld Discs/1996)
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