AtomTM_Audio_Archive Complete!

After 8 long years of work I am happy to announce the release of the Complete AtomTM_Audio_Archive, consisting of  the sum total of Atom™ output, fully and completely remastered. This archive contains approximately 1500 titles and over 150 albums made up of the material to which I alone held the legal rights or agreements to release. Most of my collaborative works remain untouched and are available through legacy sources and are included in this package as information only, for archival purposes.

It should be said that first 10 years of my audio work received little or no mastering and so listening to material from different years used to be quite a disjointed experience, thus, the idea was to bring all the material closer together, in terms of audio quality and whilst it is clear to me that many earlier productions were recorded in less than ideal conditions with lower than the usual production standards, that fact is now a feature which adds flavour to the listening experience.

You could consider the archive to be a journey or an investigation. You may not like it all, nor is it necessary to do so, (I don't!). Every single step is part of a bigger picture. Find your place in it. The fact that the archive may appear to be a little difficult to penetrate is no accident. As Lawson Brant just recently wrote "... [The AtomTM_Audio_Archive] feels and looks somewhat like the monolith in (Stanley Kubrick's) 2001..."

Some of you may question why the original album artwork was not used for the Archive.. This is due to the fact that the archive is a new and distinct work and thus somewhat removed from the original.

Please note that due to the file size limit on Bandcamp, some of the albums which consist of one large file can only be obtained via AAA.

I would like to thank everybody who helped and supported me during the process of bringing this online: all the friends, collaborators, fans, followers and listeners!

To celebrate this release I am offering a 40% discount on on the regular purchase price until the 23rd of October.
(Enter the code name "monolith" on Bandcamp)

Atom™ & Tobias./Live Volumes 1-8

Available via AAA:

Live Volumes 1&2
Live Volume 3
Live Volumes 4&5
Live Volume 6
Live Volume 7
Live Volume 8

and Bandcamp:

Live Volumes 1&2
Live Volume 3
Live Volumes 4&5
Live Volume 6
Live Volume 7
Live Volume 8

G01p Video

G01p taken from the album <3.
Video by DJ Fracaso, Santiago de Chile.


0.9 (Almost a Unit)
Aleph Null - Pure Data - Number Stations

Notakto - U+0023 - IChing

AC Boy/DC Girl
J.C. Maxwell - Eletricittà Sessuale - G01p

Tech Talk
User Manual - Nyquist/Shannon -

Cellular Automaton - John von Neumann - KISS Principle

L.A. Riots - Memetics - Eschaton

RAF - White Torture - AC Boy/DC Girl

Time 2 Kill
MG 42 - 愛の渇き - Do your Number

Almost a Unit (0.9)
Aleph One - Nyble - Ultrafinitism



<3 is a collection of material in the genre of "Hard Code Pop"//
It was produced by AtomTM interacting with X1N, an entity for generating human voice and natural language content//

<3 is an alphanumeric pre-echo, arisen from a 2019 number dream//
Cutting through the haze of meaning//

<3 is music made by machines, with machines, for machines//
Reality as useful fiction//
Read 0.999… as the Mantra of Death, the ongoing chain of cycles, going down one by one.


1. 0.9 (Almost a Unit)
2. #
3. Tech Talk
4. AC Boy/DC Girl
5. Simplicity
6. R3V
7. G01p
8. Time 2 Kill
9. Almost a Unit (0.9)

Coming on CD and Vinyl.
For now, digital only (96 kHz/32 Bit) available here:

Raster-Media Bandcamp
Raster-Media Shop


Atom™ & Jacek Sienkiewicz - Stal

Out now on NN, Recognition and MoreMusicAgency

Recorded in 2019, Atom TM's and Jacek Siekiewicz's album "Stal" (polish translation for "steel") is now being released as a joint venture between More Music Agency, Recognition and NN.
The meticulously produced physical release of "Stal" came out last month on double vinyl. It is now being completed by its digital release, both, on Jacek's "Recognition" and AtomTM's "NN" imprint. The parallel Bandcamp issues will be followed by the full digital release on all standard download- and streaming platforms.





Atom™: Future Flashbacks

Out now via



Atom™: D'Ammond/I Want You

Out now via



NN10 / NN 11: Deprogramming

NN will release two important projects today, which, even though not created at the same time, nor with the same intentions, together seem to make sense in nowadays social climate:

NN10: Hookface-1981
NN11: Menard/Fisher-DJ Culture as a Function of Neoliberal Capitalism

"1981" is an album recorded by Mikrosopht in 2003. Back then I was very keen on releasing it through "Rather Interesting", yet did the inherent copyright issue prevent such intent. The recording, like a good wine, matured profoundly over the last decade and seems to be the perfect comment on an increasingly complicated era. An era in which so-called "Electronic Music" has transformed into a genre of embarrassing complicity towards the status quo. The album is available for free download on Bandcamp

This leads to NN11, a book written by Natalie Menard and Keith Fisher in 2010 entitled "DJ Culture as a Function of Neoliberal Capitalism". Originally published as Paper #64 as part of a series called "La Phénoménologie du Capital" (Department of Sociology in cooperation with the Institute of Economics and Management (IEMN-IBE), University of Nantes), fragments of the text made it into various online publications, before it was fully translated into english. NN decided to make it its first limited edition book release. The table of contents reads:

1 Introduction
2 Mix and Surplus
3 Inflation - Volume and Duration
4 Crossfade - Sync and Integration
5 Stimulants and Sedatives
6 Minimalism and Optimization
7 The Digital and Mass Production
8 Compatibility and Globalization
9 Genre, Style, Fashion - Hegemony and Control


Not just being a theoretical abstract, the authors make concrete references, both to DJs/Producers as to musical examples alike, elaborating the current role of creators and creations within the socio-economic framework of the 21st century.

More than just a comment, NN considers both releases necessary points of departure towards the redefinition of electricity based creation in today's shifting reality.


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