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Atom™ & Masaki Sakamoto:
Alien Symphony
Released: 19.05.2010
Produced, programmed, performed, recorded, arranged, edited, mixed and mastered by Atom™ and Masaki Sakamoto.
Words and music by Atom™ and Masaki Sakamoto except "Alien Delight" better known as "Our Delight" written by Tadd Dameron.
Words and vocals on "Bonjour Mademoiselle Humanoïde (First Movement)", "La Danse Excentrique", "Premières Amours", "Bonjour Mademoiselle Humanoïde (Second Movement)" and "Leçon D'amour" by Miharu Koshi.
Words and vocals on "Ding Dong", "Naughty Science (First Movement)", "Naughty Science (Second Movement)" and "Ding Dong Chop" by Coppé.
Words on "Miss Eternity (First and Second Movement)" by Chris Mosdell.
Vocals on "Miss Eternity (First and Second Movement)" by Miharu Koshi.
Recorded and mixed by Atom™ at the Bowman Suite, Santiago de Chile and Masaki Sakamoto in his studio in Tokyo, 2010.
Les amis de la terre:
Linn LM-1, Linn Drum, Linn 9000, TR-808, TR-909, Roland V-Synth XT, Roland SH-5, Nintendo DS-10, Tenori-on, Yamaha DX7 II FD, Korg Trinity, Nord Rack 2X, Akai S-2000, NI Pro-53.
Recorded directly onto hard disc.


01. Tuning In

The Body Suite (As For The Physical Contact)

02. Body Fluid (First Movement)
03. Body Secret
04. Body Fluid (Second Movement)
05. Body Chop

Bonjour Mademoiselle Humanoïde (As For The Emotional Contact)

06. Bonjour Mademoiselle Humanoïde (First Movement)
07. La Danse Excentrique
08. Premières Amours
09. Bonjour Mademoiselle Humanoïde (Second Movement)

Naughty Science (As For The Rational Contact)

10. Ding Dong
11. Naughty Science (First Movement)
12. N2O (Inhale) (First Movement)
13. Naughty Science (Second Movement)
14. Ding Dong Chop
15. Acid (Chemistry)

5 Minutes With Miss Eternity (As For The Metaphysical Contact)

16. In Cosmological Seas
17. Miss Eternity (First Movement)
18. Geodesic
19. Miss Eternity (Second Movement)
20. Miss Eternity (Third Movement)
21. Miss Eternity (Fourth, Geodesic Movement)

Foreign Tongues

22. N2O (Exhale) (Second Movement)
23. N2O (Elevate) (Third Movement)
24. N2O (Speak) (Fourth Movement)
25. Foreign Tongues (First Movement)
26. Foreign Tongues (Back In Time) (Second Movement)

Close Encounter (As For The Musical Contact)

27. Close Encounter (Approaching) (First Movement)
28. Close Encounter (Second Movement)
29. Close Encounter (Third Movement)
30. Close Encounter (Fourth Movement)
31. Close Encounter (Fifth Movement)
32. Close Encounter (Leaving) (Sixth Movement)
33. Kosmischer Atem
34. Cosmoparticlefunk (First Movement)
35. Cosmoparticlefunk (Second Movement)
36. Alien's Delight (First Movement)
37. Leçon D'amour
38. Alien's Delight (Second Movement)

The Body Suite II (As For The Last Physical Contact)

39. Body Fluid (Third Movement)
40. Body Fluid (Fourth Movement)


41. Tuning Out

"Atom™ & Masaki Sakamoto/Alien Symphony", all configurations and releases:

"Atom™ & Masaki Sakamoto/Alien Symphony" - CD (Sublime Records/2010)

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