AAA 135
Surtek Collective:
Shari/Vari EP
Released: 17.09.2012
Music and words by Atomô and Vicente Sanfuentes.
Recorded by Atomô at the Bowman Suite and Vicente Sanfuentes at "Little Vatican", Santiago de Chile, 2012.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Atomô at the Bowman Suite, Santiago de Chile, 2012.
Recorded directly onto hard disc.

1. Shari
2. Vari
3. Shari (Daniel Maloso Remix)
4. Vari (Go Repeat Mode)

"Surtek Collective/Shari/Vari EP", all configurations and releases:

"Surtek Collective/Shari/Vari EP" - Digital (BNR Trax/2012)

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tags: techno
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