AAA 138
Released: 18.03.2013
Programming and arrangement: Atom™
Voice on 01 by Jean-Charles Vandermynsbrugge. Voice on 02 by Jamie Lidell. Additional programming on 02 by Marc Behrens. Guitar on 04 by Dominique Depret. Guitars on 05 and 08 by Jorge González. Additional programming on 09 by Alva Noto.
"Stop (Imperialist Pop)" based upon the Atom™ title "Hard Disk Rock (don't stop)"
Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Atom™ at the Bowman Suite, Santiago de Chile, 2012-2013.
Recorded directly onto hard disc.
Published by Freibank Musikverlag.

In memory of Peter Kuhlmann.

01. Pop HD
02. Strom
03. I love U (Like I Love My Drum Machine)
04. The Sound of Decay
05. Empty
06. Riding the Void
07. Stop (Imperialist Pop)
08. My Generation
09. Ich bin meine Maschine
10. I love U (Like I Love My Drum Machine) (Vocapella) (Bonus Track)

"Atom™/HD" and related singles, all configurations and releases:

"Atom™/HD" - CD, Digital (Raster-Noton/2013)
"Atom™/Ich bin meine Maschine" - 12" Vinyl, Digital (Raster-Noton/2013)
"Atom™/Riding the Void" - 12" Vinyl, Digital (Raster-Noton/2013)
"Atom™/HD+" - DVD (Raster-Noton/2013)

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tags: electronic, pop
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