AAA 058
Tokyo-Frankfurt-New York
Released: 29.05.1996
Music by Haruomi Hosono, Atomô and Tetsu Inoue.
Programmed and recorded by Haruomo Hosono at Quiet Lodge (Tokyo), Tetsu Inoue at Breatton Hotel Studio (New York) and Atomô at SEL I/S/C, (Frankfurt/M.), 1995/1996.
Edited and mixed by Atomô and Tetsu Inoue at SEL I/S/C, Frankfurt/M., 1995/1996.
Recorded onto digital 8 track and Digital Audio Tape.

1. Funk Coaster
2. Organic Mango
3. Sleep Run
4. 2 Gigabyte of Joujou
5. Kubrick
6. Quick Esc.

"Tokyo-Frankfurt-New York" all configurations and releases:

"Tokyo-Frankfurt-New York" - CD (Rather Interesting/1996)
"Tokyo-Frankfurt-New York" - CD (Daisyworld Discs/1996)

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