AAA 080
Released: 15.06.1999
Programming and arrangement: Atom™ & Burnt Friedman.
Recorded and mixed by Atom™ & Burnt Friedman at "Mira, Música!", Santiago de Chile, 1999.
Mastered at TRO Studios, Cologne, 1999.
Recorded directly onto Digital Audio Tape.
Published by Freibank Musikverlag.

1. Music to Begin With
2. Options in the Fire
3. Endless Summer
4. Short Note With a Few
5. Studio Tan
6. Full on Scientist
7. Lata
8. Quicksilver Loom

"Flanger/Templates", all configurations and releases:

"Flanger/Templates" - CD/2 x 12" Vinyl (Ntone/1999)
"Flanger/Templates EP 1" - 12" Vinyl (Ntone/1999)
"Flanger/Templates EP 2" - 12" Vinyl (Ntone/1999)

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tags: electronic, glitch, jazz
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