Entry #12

The Atom™ Twins™ [I]

by AtomTM™


In the heart of all matter, there lies
a secret of immense surprise
Tiny particles, dancing in sync
creating all that we can think

Two atoms, twins of a kind
mirrored each other, intertwined
they spin and whirl with grace and ease
a dance that only nature can please

Each one with a charge so small
they dance together, enthrall
in a bond that’s so strong and true
they make up everything that’s new

Their dance creates a world so vast
from the future to the distant past
A dance that’s so perfect and pure
it keeps the universe secure

The Atom Twins, a wondrous pair
spinning in space, without a care
A reminder of nature’s grand design
and how everything is intertwined.

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    6 Responses to “Entry #12 – The Atom Twins™ [I]”

    1. Hi..I enjoy getting your news letters. Thank you.
      I hope you are happy in your ‘space’ & celebrate your freedom with a smile. 🙂
      It’s very hot & humid but the fiesta tracks are complimenting my day..so thoughts would drop you a line.
      Be happy.
      * The Shell Suits ? 🙂

      • AtomTM

        Given the fact that online is dead and the public sphere has been sucked up by the private, yes, “my space” (!) is making me very happy. Thanks for your thoughts and keep enjoying the hot and humid fiesta tracks!

    2. Online is maybe dead to the dead. 🙂 I prefer ‘niche’ but agree the choreographed, manipulated fare that’s on offer these days has to be rejected.
      Haven’t turned my laptop on since covid for fear of it morphing into some alien sales assistant. 🙂
      Am listening to my Dom Um Romao’s favourites tonight. Still v.hot & humid BUT we have had rain worthy of a celebration.
      Be happy.

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