Entry #13

The Memetic Parrot

by AtomTM

Article, Visual

Memetic parrots, a peculiar phenomenon of our times, reflect the alarming tendency of individuals to mindlessly echo propaganda and ideological phrases. Failing to engage in critical analysis, these parrots unwittingly perpetuate narratives without examining their validity. Let us strive to break free from this repetition and foster a world driven by thoughtful, rational inquiry and first principles thinking.


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    2 Responses to “Entry #13 – The Memetic Parrot”

    1. Hi Uwe.
      Did you do the artwork for the Parrot images yourself ? Beautiful colours & imaginative. Nice.
      Am listening to Rodrigo Gallardo on your recommendation.
      You might like Shirley & Spinoza Radio. Fausto’s story is worth a look & should make you smile. https://compound-eye.org/
      Spk again.

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