Entry #15

On the Correlation of Musical Quality and Cancel Culture Activity

A Social Study
by AtomTM Social Studies Group


AtomTM_Social_Studies_Group [ASSG]



On the Correlation of Musical Quality and Cancel Culture Activity


This empirical study took place in the period of 2018 until the present day and consists in the direct monitoring and evaluation of the two main components:

  1. The direct and active engagement of a person in Cancel Culture activities, measured both, in time and amount of words.
  2. The quality of the musical output of the same person, measured as signal to noise.

The study has shown that both components are directly correlated in a linear manner. There is an indication of a link between the age of the observed subjects in relation to the main components, yet this correlation has not been sufficiently studied in order to be able to present a valid, fully formed analysis. [results pending].

A byproduct of the study also shows evidence of gender specific preferences in terms of Cancel Culture engagement, most predominantly showing that male participants behave more aggressive openly in public, while female participants seem to prefer discreet or secretive operations. When defining “Cancel Culture activity” the standard definition has been used, stating that throughout any gender or age group, the execution of blackmailing through the various means of digital communication networks can be seen as the standard or mainstream behavior.

The study group predicts a further increase in Cancel Culture activities and therefore a continuing decline in music quality throughout the cultural network.

An ongoing study will try to position the names of the studied subjects on a graph showing the evolution of the above mentioned components over time, in order to obtain a better understanding of the general systemic decay dynamics.


This investigation is part of the wider Study on the Phenomenology of Social Decay and the Study on Psychopathic Behavior in Club Culture. Its data will also feed into other ongoing investigations on topics such as criminal behavior on oligarchical, privately owned social networks, system analysis of neo-totalitarian societies, meta-fascism and others.

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    6 Responses to “Entry #15 – On the Correlation of Musical Quality and Cancel Culture Activity”

    1. Indeed. The relationship between Cancel Culture engagement and musical quality is multifaceted, influenced by historical societal trends, cultural variations, and the digital age’s transformative power. As social media platforms became more pervasive, the potential impacts of Cancel Culture on musical quality became more pronounced, but this relationship is further modulated by cultural perceptions and digital dynamics. The digital era, while democratizing music production, also amplifies the vulnerabilities of artists to public scrutiny, potentially influencing their artistic output.

    2. oxide wash

      what is this? how did u get that data? it just looks like a grown adult got grumpy that values shift over time. how do you measure music quality. what counts as something as nebulous as “cancel culture engagement”. maybe im just not getting the joke, but this is one step removed from some facebook post about feminism ruining marvel movies or a shitty self congradulating political cartoon. it seems like something only someone very detached from any modern scene would say. im definitely making a fool put of myself being this sincere but im just disappointed. missing the forest for the trees

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