Entry #17

Nine Things...

by AtomTM


…that, if mentioned to me around 1990, I would have deemed impossible in the 2020s:


1) Werner Herzog acting as a representative of the dark force in a Star Wars sequel, produced by Disney.

2) The German Green Party actively stimulating a conflict in Europe by sending weapons into the war zone.

3) Overpriced capsules made out of plastic and aluminium, filled with a brown powder sold as “coffee”, called “Nespresso”.

4) Lockheed Martin, one of the world’s biggest arms manufacturers, being one of the main supporters of the LGBTIQA+ community.

5) Electronic Music “underground” culture being hijacked by ideological actors, camouflaged as “artists”.

6) Gabba revival.

7) A BARBIE movie, marketed as subversive and feminist.

8) “Counter-culture” being individuals engaging in mainstream blackmailing on platforms termed “social media”, which are privately owned by oligarchs.

9) Repeatedly listening to “Careless Whispers”.

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    7 Responses to “Entry #17 – Nine Things…”

    1. Baudrillard

      10) A funny Museum of Modern Electronic Music created by aging „pioneers“, „creative“ agencies, a bankrupt „entrepreneur“ and a „corrupt“ mayor, in order to sell a nationalist „his-story“ simulating „culture“ to a small town, which suffers from cultural deprivation.

    2. Coost

      A great list…. if i may suggest the news channel ‘the Duran’ (https://t.me/thedurancom, rumble,youtube) whereby alex christoforou offers his Clown World of the Year Awards – 2023 which i think butts up neatly with your list.

      lg aus berlin umgebung!

    3. Gary

      I’m with you on #3, the coffee thing… and I can strongly recommend roasting your own coffee beans – http://www.sweetmarias.com is the best resource for information and supplies. Roasting coffee is very easy to do and extremely rewarding too! I don’t know how feasible international shipping is, but I bet if you email sweetmarias, they can make a recommendation.
      In #2, I guess “a conflict in Europe” is in reference to the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Vague euphemistic descriptions of the war (like Putin’s phrase, “special military operation”) should be avoided. We should speak & write clearly about the war. It is the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia. And, unfortunately, this Russian aggression never required “stimulating” by any country or political party other than Russia herself. Any aid sent to Ukraine (weapons or otherwise) is simply the right thing to do. Conversely, North Korea and Iran sending weapons to Russia is wrong. I mean no disrespect, but my family is directly affected by the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. I recommend anybody read Masha Gessen and/or Timothy Snyder – they are experts on this subject, and they are excellent writers.

      • AtomTM

        I don’t think there is any justification for sending weapons anywhere by anybody. Any country, company, or political party doing so, I consider a criminal entity. I make no exceptions based on nationality, ideology, or any excuse we might use as a moral shield. My point here, though, is not about that specific conflict itself, about which I will not go into details here, but rather about the German Green Party specifically, which used to be a pacifist™ group. The post was not making a statement of values, but merely a juxtaposition of moments.

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