Entry #19

FAD 2 - AtomTM: Metatext

by AtomTM


The second installment in the FAD AUDIO™ series offers a meta-reflection on AtomTM’s “Texturen” recordings. This 19-minute single composition of serene abstraction not only presents a literal exploration but also serves as a preview of the metatext itself, condensing the essence of spectral investigation even further.

Created exclusively for the FAD AUDIO™ series, access to this release is available solely through subscription to the FAD/AAA newsletter. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases!


FAD 2: AtomTM – Metatext


01. Metatext     [19:00]


Programming: AtomTM

c+p FAD/AAA 2024


Subscribers will get access to the download link through the FAD Newsletter.

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