Entry #24

Our Values

by AtomTM™


Whenever some entity places their “values” on a website or “social” media, caution is advised.

The term itself, and what it purports to encompass, characterizes an object of transaction. What lies within are the notes and coins of social influence and power. Needless to say, in many instances, one can interpret “values” quite literally, as their moral standpoint often carries a tangible market value and is usually translated into financial transactions.

Last but not least, when someone publicly espouses these values, they can appear as both a weapon and a shield – prompting one to ponder, what is really hidden behind them?

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    One Response to “Entry #24 – Our Values”

    1. Mark

      Interesting. There are not many who think beyond what they are ‘offered’. It can be a long process reclaiming a freedom, of perhaps which most will not realise they ever had.
      Our controllers would prefer that we indeed look over our shoulders and then assimilate, rather than discriminate and think for ourselves.
      It makes me smile sometimes. Who are the alien species ? Me or them. 🙂

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