Entry #25

FAD 5 - AtomTM: Melosos

by AtomTM


In “Melosos”, AtomTM introduces another EP to the FAD Audio™ series. This time, the manipulation of Latin cheese and the granulation and deformation of pseudo-romantic emotions establish the overarching theme. The four tracks comprising “Melosos” are distinguished by their continuous oscillation between sonic abstraction and verbal concreteness, all the while delving into the exploration of novel tonal surfaces.

Created exclusively for the FAD AUDIO™ series, access to this release is available solely through subscription to the FAD/AAA newsletter. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases!


FAD 5: AtomTM – Melosos


01. Perdidos Ya   [04:43]

02. Perdóname    [02:39]

03. Yo Te Ví   [04:24]

04. Amor Fiel    [04:58]


Programming: AtomTM

c+p FAD/AAA 2024


Subscribers will get access to the download link through the FAD Newsletter.

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