Atom™ & Tobias

Atom™ and Tobias play live shows together since 1991. From the very start their live performances were improvisations, played with a rather reduced technical setup of analogue drum machines and sound generators. Even though between 1993 and 2003 their paths separated for over 10 years, when re-connecting their equipment at "" in 2003, it was as if no time had passed by at all, and their improvisations continued ever since then. Some of Atom™ & Tobias' live performances were released, such as the 1992 "Elektroniikkaa" EP and the "Vol 2 & 3" EPs on "Logistic Records" for example, however though, their main thing has always been the live performance itself, in which a flow of consciousness crystallizes in real time, while both musicians and the audience enter in mutual resonance. New heights were reached when some of their improvisations expanded up to 5 hours ("Lunar Lodge", Boulder or "Cellar", Santiago) and a 3 hour set left everybody at awe during the 2013 "Labyrinth" festival in Japan. Their 6 hour live set performed at Panoramabar in Berlin during December 2014 will be released on Atom™'s "Audio_Archive" label in fall 2015.
The 2015 Mutek Mexico live show, presented by Boiler Room, can be found here.


Live at, 2015

Live@Zukunft, Zürich, 23.06.2012

Live@Superheadz Showcase, Tokyo, 2010

Live@The Viaduct, Chicago, 11.08.2012 (Video: Atom™)

Live@Monarch, San Francisco, 10.08.2012 (Video: Atom™)
Live Performances